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EN VS The Memory Fort at the University of Oslo

EN VS The Memory Fort at the University of Oslo

17 fevereiro, 2022

The augmented reality project to be developed for the "Coastal Memory Fort" articulates the University of Oslo, through the Department of Media and Communication, a worldwide reference in this type of digital recreation, with the Portuguese team responsible for the historical research related to Paimogo’s fort. The students of the second semester of the Bachelor of Media and Communication will actively participate in this process under the guidance of Professor Gunnar Liestol, in order that the development of their academic career will include the realization of part of the content to be integrated into augmented reality.

In this context, the historical research team of Paimogo’s Fort was invited, on February 2nd, to present the state of the research in the context of a class of the Media and Communication Course, to contextualize the students in the work that will be ahead during the present academic semester. The main subjects were the Fort’s architecture and the transformations that the monument underwent, at the structural level, over time, as well as the artillery that composed it, the objects of daily use of the military garrison and the soldiers uniforms. The rigor of historical research will be reflected in the quality of the recreation of the environments and moments related to the history of the monument.

This is also a way of involving actors from different areas of knowledge who participate in the logic of creating an innovative project that is distinguished by its multidisciplinary aspect.

Autor: José Cruz (Centro de Estudos Históricos da Lourinhã)