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Paimogo - Coastal Memory Fort

The Coastal Memory Fort project has as its main objective the revitalization and safeguarding of the Nossa Senhora dos Anjos de Paimogo's Fort (Forte da Nossa Senhora dos Anjos de Paimogo), better known as the Paimogo's Fort, located on the cliffs of Paimogo's Beach, dated 1674 and listed as a Public Interest Property in 1957.

The Coastal Memory Fort aims to rehabilitate the Fort through the use of construction techniques and materials that are non-destructive of the building's identity, as well as investing in activities with the local and school community and promoting sustainable tourism, in order to create new opportunities and services for local development that, articulated with other municipal tourist products, will add value to the territory and generate employment.

This revitalization project aims to give Paimogo's Fort a new function, transforming it into the “Memory Fort”, by strengthening the local community's identity and the recovery and appropriation of the traditional knowledge.


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